Since the art and Japanese programs started in 2007, we have learned the importance of working together in order to make each activity and program successful and enjoyable for the children. We value our relationship with the children and we want them to find joy in expressing themselves through our art programs and activities. We’ve also learned the importance of spreading our advocacy and sharing our story, as well as the power of true collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. Based on that learning, we are now focusing on enhancing our programs and activities and be able to reach out to more children. Along with this, we are making efforts for people to recognize the talents and abilities of our students. We also make it a point keep people updated on what’s happening at SAS by sharing inspiring stories of our students, posting pictures and stories, as well as sharing our future plans. We are also happy to be collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals. 

Art Program

Japanese Program

Social Support 

Art Program


Since we started our school, we highly value children's creative imagination.  We are making our efforts to encourage their expression of joy.  


We are collaborating with international and local groups who commit to make change for Cambodian children.


For more details for collaborating organizations, please go to our partners.  

Japanese Program

Even though our main focus is providing art education, we are aware that the learning of foreign language will open more opportunities for children in the future.  With this, we have included free Japanese lessons to our programs, available from Monday to Thursday for neighborhood children ages 4 to 26 years old. We also offer these lessons at the Angkor Krau Village Center on Sunday mornings. 

Social Support program

Cambodia is still in need of resources, especially in rural villages. We visited Ratanakiri and other villages that have limited resources to see what can be done. It was a humbling experience to witness their condition, and we tried our best to help make changes. We are hoping that others can help them too. Below are the projects that we have developed for the villages.


  • Wells 

  • Scholorship

  • Educational materials

  • Building/repairing houses


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