Original artworks created by the Khmer students with the guidance of the Small Art School staff.

Everyone is welcome to visit Khmer Kids Art Gallery. See life through the perspective of Khmer kids and be inspired by their beautiful creations and vivid imaginations. Proceeds will help support gallery events, the programs and activities of Small Art School, and the Khmer kids.




With the goal helping children, Tomoko and her colleagues aim to provide a free and quality education, primarily to children who have the will to learn but lack the opportunities.  We promote our students’ creative expression while allowing them to cherish joyful learning experiences as they grow.  We are very proud of our students who have deepened and broadened their knowledge and creative abilities through Small Art School’s programs and activities. 


Eventually, the school realized the need for more funds in order to support the Khmer children in the best possible way.  To help us realize our vision, we established a venue for more people to recognize the talents and abilities of Khmer Children. Thus, the Khmer Kids Art gallery was born.




Open daily (except Wednesday)

From 9am-12pm/2pm-5pm


Prefered by appointment.  

Tel : 017 - 223 - 370




We gladly honor donations via Paypal (kkagallery@gmail.com). However, any kind of support is greatly appreciated. 



Khmer Kids Art Gallery is managed by a social enterprise, Anacott Artiste, to help raise funds for Small Art School.  In addition, we also encourage that our young artists are able to make a living through the arts.  Thus, we employ local artists to assist our art program and work at the gallery.  


We provide opportunities for students to improve their technical abilities and also gain experience in the “business-side” of art. We also collaborate with fellow artists and art educators from all over the world to provide enriching workshops and to encourage a broader, global understanding of the visual arts.


How are the profits from the artworks shared? (see below)

50 % : The individual artist or organization where the student belongs to. 

30 % : Operating cost for this gallery

20 % : Operating cost for Small Art School’s educational activities such as art supplies, teaching materials, scholarships and student support


Khmer Kids Art Gallery

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