About school


When did the school start?

Teacher Tomoko came to Cambodia in 2007 and she started to teaching at the orphanage center while she was building the school.   The school was officially opened to the public in December 2008.


Why the school was built in Cambodia?

Teacher Tomoko had an idea to build a free art school in Asia when she was age around 40.  She started seeking for a location where she can feel most needed and comfortable herself.  She traveled around Asia such as Nepal and India.  She met Cambodian people in Japan by chance and she heard the story during the Khmer Rouge.  She was shocked to know that many of educators and intelligence were assassinated.  After her visit to Cambodia, she decided to build her art school in Cambodia.  For more detail, please see our story.


Where does the school funding come from?

Most of funding is from Teacher Tomoko’s her own saving.  She has prepared and saved her money more than 20 years since she started thinking to build a free art school.   Originally she was thinking to teach about 40-50 students, but there are more students than she expected and have 350 students now in 2015.  Therefore, we started seeking some other funding.  We were granted some award from some foundation since 2014.  We also established a social enterprise to help funds for the Small Art School by selling printed products and original artworks. 


How can I support the school?

We highly appreciate your generous offer to support us.  You can find the way to help us here. 


Can I volunteer at your school?

We are accepting only specific fields such as photographer. 


Can I visit your school?

Yes, you can visit us during our lesson hours.  Please contact us via this school visit request form.   


About teachers


How many teachers at your school?

Two Japanese volunteers and one Khmer interpreter manage Small Art School.  Read more.


Do you have Khmer art teacher?

We have advanced art students who are helping us as art assistants.  They have developed teaching skills over the years and have some locations to teach by themselves.


About students


How many students do you teach now?

We have about 350 students (including Japanese students).


How do you select students?

We teach only underprivileged Khmer children (both parents are Khmer) especially children who are willing to learn, but lack of opportunities to learn. 

We collaborate with some international and local NGOs.  Their children come on their fixed schedule. 


Can you teach for our students?

Currently, we are not able to add new locations for outreach.   However, we can introduce our trained Khmer artists (paid) to teach at your location.   Please contact us for more details.


About the Social Enterprise


How does the social enterprise started?

Since we opened the school in 2008, we found more needs and desires for children to learn arts.  The numbers of students were extremely expanded more than Teacher Tomoko expected.  We thought about the way to sustain our school ourselves.  Since 2012, we started to print our students’ artworks for sale.   We found our distributors in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.  The social enterprise, Anacott Artiste (means Future Artists) is officially licensed in Cambodia. 


Who is managing the social enterprise?

The Khmer-Japanese interpreter and art coordinator manage the social enterprise. 


How much proceeds of art sale go to the school?

For the original artworks, we share the 50% of profit to the artist or organization where the student belongs.  20% of profit goes to the Small Art School and 30% to the operating cost for the Social enterprise.   


Where can I buy the products and artworks?

Here are some locations where you can buy our printed products in Cambodia.  For original artworks, here are the links to view.  We can ship it internationally.



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